New Packaging Experiences Will be Unveiled at Indie Beauty Expo LA

As people continue to develop a deeper relationship with their personal care routines and products, brands are aiming to create experiences starting with elevating the look and feel of their packaging. Packaging continues to play an enormous part in what people are drawn to and eventually purchase. Indie brands are rarely just slapping labels on products without surveying the market and taking their brand mission into consideration– weaving their stories thematically into the outer casings.

When thinking about brands who are exhibiting at IBE LA, happening on January 23-24 at the California Market Center, we are seeing less go for a monochromatic palette with many moving towards a kaleidoscope-like visual experience. They are consciously choosing design and color palettes that tell a deeper story.  Though simple black and white is still trending, brands are paying closer attention to how the packaging can tell their story

Click here to see a preview of 5 stand out brands that have taken their packaging to the next level.

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